Clinical Practice Guidelines in Perinatalogy, First Edition

First Edition, March 1998
Perinatal Society of Malaysia in cooperation with:

Academy of Medicine, Chapter of Paediatrics
Academy of Medicine, Chapter of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
Ultrasound Society of Malaysia
Malaysian Paediatric Association
Obstetrical and Gyaecological Society of Malaysia
Ophthalmological Society of Malaysia

Table of Contents

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Published by
Postgraduate Medical Education Society, Hospital Ipoh, 30990 Ipoh, Malaysia

The work is copyright. It may be reproduced in whole or part for study or training purposes subject to inclusion of an acknowledgment of the source and no commercial usage or resale.

The Guideline on the Use of Oxygen in the Newborn was first published in The Medical Journal of Malaysia, Vol 51: 282-285, 1996. We thank them for permission to reproduce.


Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia - Cataloguing-in-Publication Data
Clinical practice guideline in Perinatalogy / Perinatal Society of Malaysia
ISBN 983-9354-02-7
1. Perinatalogy - Standards
2. Prenatal care
3. Prenatal diagnosis
4. Obstetrics
I. Perinatal Society of Malaysia 618.32


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